MITA LAB (2000-2022) 三田研究室


We are seeking for a new type of building system called “Biofied Building” where many robots are installed in the building to live together with the residents. The design and control principle of this new building system relies on four adaption mechanisms that are sensory adaption, adaption by learning, physiological adaption, and evolutionary adaption. These four adaption mechanisms are fundamental features of animals for their survival. We are particularly interested in the latter two mechanisms that are physiological adaption and evolutionary adaption.

We use small sensor agent robots to gather information of buildings and residents and to interface them. The sensor agent robots record the environment information relevant to buildings and residents. We use physiological adaption mechanism for controlling living environment such as lighting, air conditioning, music and fragrance. We apply the evolutionary adaption to autonomously design the next generations by fully utilizing the quantitative information gathered by the sensor agent robots to inherit and improve the current building systems.

In addition to internal building systems, we are interested in the integrity of the structural system of a building. We use sensor systems including robots to obtain dynamic response data during some events such as an earthquake to detect potential damage on the structural system. This is the nerve for the building to know the damage existence and extent of the damage. The name of the system is “Structural Health Monitoring” that has been partially realized and applied to tall steel buildings. We are now focusing on developing a system for smaller RC or wooden buildings.

Our final goal is to create a building like a living thing using sensor agent robots.





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